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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Import a Car from Japan – Are You Crazy?

It can sound crazy that anyone would import a car from Japan when you can buy it at the local dealership. But the fact is, if it were a foolish thing to do, then the thousands of people like you who are doing this must be nut cases! You may be curious why anyone would be importing a car from Japan. So here are some common reasons quoted by these guys.

Import Cars From Japan

1. Great Car Choices

It is no secret that Japanese cars are in demand in Europe and in US. But there are certain restrictions on the type and car makes allowed. Hence, dealers often only bring you a few more popular car models. You could be missing out on the other models that are being sold daily in the Japanese car auctions. Some of them are real beauties, others are high performance vehicles that cannot be found where you stay. For that exclusivity, you really need to import a car from Japan because that is the only way you can lay your hands on such rare models.

2. Cheap, Cheap Prices

Those who import cars from Japan are no fools! In fact they are considered smart people. You can find vehicles auctioned at low prices in Japan. Even if the importing expenses are the same as what you pay for the car, the total sum is still far below what you pay the used car dealer at home.

3. Excellent Quality & High Performance

Japanese car makers are known for their stringent quality control and innovation in coming up with energy efficient and high performance vehicles. The drivers too practice safe driving habits and hence the low accident statistics. When you import a used Japanese car, you can be assured of its low mileage and good performance. Minor scratches could be the only flaw.

4. Image Building

A beautiful Jap car is an image icon. Young hot-blooded males would gladly drive the latest GTR to pick up their girlfriends. Even the respectable businessman can find a choice SUV to import. And the best part is, no one knows it costs you so little!

5. Taking Profits

While you can import a car from Japan to self-drive, you can always try to do so for profits. There is a market for these vehicles and you can make huge profits from reselling them. Instead of just selling one, why not get a whole batch into your country.

6. Outsourcing is Available

Perhaps the idea to import a car from Japan really scares you. Many people may have experienced the same feeling as you but they soon realized that a lot of work can be outsourced to the experts. In fact, there are many middle men who are willing to do all the work for you and you need not even be in Japan physically. Plus, there are many online guides that provide instructions on how to import a car from Japan.

If you want to find out more, pick up this detailed guide written by an experienced full time car dealer on importing vehicles from Japan.

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Import Cars From Japan - DIY

Import Cars From Japan – DIY at Online Car Auctions

Import Cars From Japan – How to Do It Yourself at Online Japanese Car Auctions

You may not know how to import cars from Japan. But just by looking at the Japanese cars offered at online car auctions is good enough to make you drool. So what can you do when you have absolutely no inkling about how to import Japanese cars back into your own country?

With so many Japanese online auction sites, you can practically search and find tons of car makes and models. One quick glance at the Japanese car exporters’ sites reveal that you have to make arrangements for your own freight. Back home, there are also importers who can do so for you at a fee.

Well, if you are willing to organize the shipping, you can save well over $1000 to $2000 on average for your car. This is a great deal of money especially when the Japanese cars cost no more than $5000 in most cases. That is a whopping 20% discount. If you import cars from Japan to resell, imagine that you are already profiting by a minimum of $1000 per car. Do it for 10 cars at one go and wow, a quick $10,000 in your pocket. People do this all the time and once you get the hang of it, it can be quite easy. It is not that difficult really once you learn how to.

Import Cars From Japan

The first thing to do is to go and check out some cars available at auction at the J cars site. Once you log into the site, you would be able to view thousands of Japanese cars on auction each and every day. Try an example for a Nissan 240sx and you can probably find more than a dozen of these cars offered at auction. Finding the car you wish to buy is easy but remember, you know nuts about how to import cars from Japan.

Surely there must be a guide or some help that would teach you what to do in order to import cars from Japan without much hassle. You would realize quickly that the information online is hardly complete. This is the reason why you would be glad to find one guide recommended by Japanese car importers. Check out this car guide on how to import Japanese cars.

There has never been a guide that offers this much comprehensive information from A – Z on how to import cars from Japan. It also has 3 versions, one on importing cars from Japan to USA, one on importing cars from Japan to Canada and the other from Japan to Australia.

So if you want to import cars from Japan to any of the countries be it for your own use or to resell for profits, grab a copy of this detailed car guide. Be in the know ahead of others!

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Import Cars From Japan – Cars from Auctions

Import Cars From Japan – Cars from Japanese Car Auctions

Japanese car auctions are actually excellent places for you to pick up good quality cars to import cars from Japan. In fact, it is possible to find cars at good prices but you need to know how to make use of these auctions before you can do that.

People have different reasons why they are importing cars from Japan rather than buying one locally in their country. Some quoted wanting to find a unique, one of its kind in the country they live in, while others want to save money in the process, yet another group are profiting from reselling these imported Japanese cars. Whatever your reason is, Japanese car auctions can help you to find the car you want to import from Japan.

Japanese car auctions often attract car exporters and these professionals are able to access to huge volumes of cars. You need to get to a car exporter to assist you in finding the exact car models you want. One good export is J-Cars. This company has proven from time to time their capabilities and reliability in searching and finding high performance cars without bad history.

The Japanese car exporters you use normally would send you pictures and details of the car you are looking for. You may also wish to request them to hire professional help to perform a mechanical inspection for around $250 only. Such are services to expect from reliable exporters.

Import Cars From Japan

The process goes like this: If you want to buy the car or cars your exporter has located for you, the company would submit your bid and once you won it, the exporter would send you the necessary documents you need in order to register and import the cars from Japan. Their role ends when your car leaves Japan and your role as the importer starts to kick in.

This is why you cannot just buy a car blindly from Japanese car auctions without knowing what to do next. You really need to read up and find out more about the proper procedure to import and register the car. Knowing these details can make the process of importing Japanese cars much enjoyable and easier.

Learn how to import cars from Japan through this professional guide.

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Import Cars From Japan – Finding Japanese Car Exporters

Import Cars From Japan – Find The Right Japanese Used Car Exporter

The very first step before you can import cars from Japan is to find a good and reliable Japanese used car exporter. These exporters are also known as buying agents. This person should organize and take care of all the administrative tasks needed to get your car or cars on a vessel to your desired destination.

Import Cars From Japan

What are some tips you can use to find a good Japanese used car exporter as well as the car or cars you are looking for?

There are probably dozens of Japanese used car exporters that can help you to import cars from Japan. Reputation is one very important factor to consider. In this line of business, word of mouth is a very powerful advertising. Check at any automotive forum and find out which exporter they have dealt with personally. Learn from these folks’ experience and chances are only a few names would keep popping up. These tend to be more reliable.

Also, you can always do some searches on the internet and read up some comments made by people who have imported Japanese cars before.

One thing you may want to note is that these Japanese used car exporters do not really own the cars in their garages per se. What they do is to help you locate and buy the cars you need at a bargain. Once they managed to find them, they will make the necessary arrangements to ship your car or cars over. Your job to import cars from Japan starts when the car gets onto the vessel.

You need to know how to import the car even before you pay for it. Of course, there are importers who can do the job for you at a fee or you can DIY. Why pay the importer when you can import the car yourself and in the process save a lot of money? It is not really that hard with the right information.

There is a guide that provides you with all the information on how to import cars from Japan. It gives you clear concise instructions to help you ship your car back into your country without the hassles. If you are doing it yourself without any prior knowledge or experience, you could find yourself stuck in many places or end up spending more than you should.

Several folks who tried on their own without any experience or guidance ended up re-exporting the cars out of the country and made huge losses. Do not let that happen if you wish to import cars from Japan.

Learn from the experts who have imported cars from Japan many times…

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Import Cars From Japan – Why?

Import Cars From Japan – Reasons Why You Should Consider Importing Japanese Cars

Import Cars from Japan? You could be thinking it sounds crazy to be importing a car from Japan instead of buying cars locally. Why go through the hassle of importing a car and of all places, why Japan?

Import Cars From Japan

In case you are asking yourself these questions and at the back of your mind are trying to figure out why people are “crazy” enough to do so, here are the answers you are seeking:

1. Some car models and makes in certain year are not available locally.

2. Choice of car models in Japan is huge. You can buy your cars from literally anyone ranging from private car sellers, car auctions, car yards and even online auctions like Yahoo Auctions Japan.

3. You can be the first owner of a particular model and make in your country. Be the first driver to drive that unique car on the roads and be the envy of others.

4. Save close to 30% off what you normally would pay for by importing your car from Japan. The truth is it is more expensive to buy Japanese cars locally than if you import it.

5. Import cars from Japan and resell them for huge profits. The concept is simple, buy cheap cars in Japan, import them over to your country and resell them to interested buyers for good margins. You can do it over and over again once you get the hang of it.

6. You can import cars from Japan to Australia, Canada and US as there is available help for you.

These are the reasons why people are importing Japanese cars and are not buying locally. If your appetite is whetted, watch out for my next post on how you can import cars from Japan as I guide you along.

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Import Cars From Japan Blog

Welcome to my car blog! This is a blog that talks about how to import cars from Japan to America, Australia and Canada. Right here, you will pick up some good tips on importing cars from Japan as well as feast your eyes and some really beautiful eye candies - Japanese cars in their "sexy" colors and shape.

Import Cars From Japan

In my next post, you will find out why you should consider to import cars from Japan.

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